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Support and Empowerment of Watershed Councils

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Designation, Grant Eligibility, Legal Standing, Notice Rule

River Rocks

Watershed Councils designated by the Rivers Council are empowered to testify before local and state hearings on issues affecting their watershed and are eligible for state grants through the Rivers Council.

Section 46-28-7 of the Rivers Council statute states that the Council shall “promulgate regulations and procedures as may be needed to issue grants and approve watershed action plans, including rules requiring notice by state or city and town agencies to local watershed councils regarding proposed actions pertaining to projects, developments and activities located wholly or partially within the watershed represented by the local watershed council."

The Rivers Council promulgated regulations in 2005 addressing the council's grant making process and the notice rule to watershed councils by state and municipal officials. To implement the rule, watershed councils need to make a formal request for notice to a respective governing body.
(Grant & Notification Regulations)
(Designation Criteria)

Organizational Assessment and Capacity Building

The Rivers Council in partnership with the RI Land Trust Council has developed an organizational assessment tool.

Education and Public Involvement in River & Watershed Protection

Watershed Stewardship Program

From 2005 to 2007, the Rivers Council offered its Watershed Stewardship Program to citizens interested in learning how to protect their watersheds. Through a series of indoor classes and outdoor field sessions, participants learned from professionals the basics of watershed hydrology, watershed assessments, land conservation, fish restoration, trail maintenance, invasive species, watershed policy, community involvement, and more. Many Watershed Stewards went on to volunteer with their local watershed councils, land trusts, or other environmental organizations. Eighty people matriculated through the program. Much of the material from this program remains relevant and is available at the link below. Currently, the Rivers Council is supporting the Watershed Science for Educators course being offered at the URI Bay Campus by the Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed Association and the Narrow River Preservation Association

Visit Watershed Stewardship Program Materials!

Environmental Awareness Day at Narragansett Beach

Beach Day

Rivers Council staff demonstrates water quality testing
with two young beach-goers. Photo: Juan Mariscal

For several years, the Rivers Council partnered with the Town of Narragansett to host an environmental awareness day at the Narragansett Town Beach. Environmental organizations from all over the state set up information displays, talked to beach-goers about RI's natural resources, and offered fun and educational activities for kids. The Rivers Council is presently having dialogue about resuming this program.

Educational Display

The RI Rivers Council maintains a table-top three panel exhibit for display at environmental fairs.