One Herring in Ten Minutes

I am always in awe, especially as I have just driven part of the course, driven, not walked, that this fish has not only found its way up the Woonasquatucket, not the Moshassuck, at the confluence at Citizens’ Bank/ RISD downtown, but into the Providence River, not the Blackstone. And before that its school swam from offshore Virginia – Maryland, up the coast and into Narragansett Bay, swam from Pt. Judith… Continue reading

Back to Schools: Restoring fish populations to the Pawtuxet River

For 200 years or longer, dams have blocked a number of important species of anadromous fish from completing their lifecycle.

Alewife, blueback herring, and American shad are just a few of the anadromous species that live their adult life in saltwater but return to freshwater to spawn and whose populations had virtually disappeared from the Pawtuxet River watershed following the Industrial Revolution. Continue reading