Rhode Island Rivers Council Membership

Public Members

MEMBERAPPOINTED BY (see key in text below)
Veronica Berounsky
Governor (co)
Michael BradleeGovernor (gn)
Rachel CalabroGovernor (po)
Walter Galloway Governor (es)
Patti McAlpineGovernor (cc)
Alicia Schaffner
Vice Chair
Governor (co)
Douglas A. StephensGovernor (co)
Joseph T. UnsworthGovernor (es)
Vacant (General Member)Governor (gn)

Institutional Members

Paul Gonsalves
for Michael DiBiase
Department of Administration
Ernie Panciera
for Janet Coit
Department of Environmental Management
James Boyd, Coastal Policy
for Jeff Willis
Coastal Resources Management Council
Mike Walker, Senior Project Manager
for Stefan Pryor
Commerce Corporation
Eugenia Marks
for Kathleen Crawley
Water Resources Board
Peder Schaefer, Associate Director,
for Brian M. Daniels
League of Cities and Towns

RIGL46-28-5 provides for a council consisting of fifteen members, eleven of whom are voting members. Nine voting public members are to be appointed by the governor and confirmed by the senate. Three appointees are to have conservation organization experience (co); two appointees are to have environmental law, science or planning experience (es); one appointee is to have communication, public outreach or education experience (po); one appointee is to be a member of a chamber of commerce within the state (cc); and two general members (gn). The six institutional members are the director of the department of administration; the director of the department of environmental management; the general manager of the water resources board; the executive director of the coastal resources management council; the executive director of the economic development corporation; and the president of the Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns; or their designees. The director of the department of administration and the director of the department of environmental management are voting members. The other four institutional members are nonvoting. Six voting members are required for a quorum.

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